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Bryan Mackrell's RoboWorld

by Bryan Mackrell

C. David Shaffer, mentor

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RoboWorld Downloads **Updated 4/28/03**

RoboWorld Timeline - Includes updates and progress **Updated 4/28/03**

Control Flow Structure - Diagram for client/server interaction **Updated 4/28/03**

RoboWorld Pictures - Screen shots of Robot World in action **Updated 11/12/02**

RoboWorld Movies - Animations taken from a running Robot World simulation

RoboWorld Test Results - Which strategy did the best? Find out!!! **Updated 4/28/03**

Project Overview:

This project consists of three main parts:

To do list:

  1. World generator for users to generate their own world layouts
Scene Viewer in C++
  1. 3D terrain capability
  1. clients in other languages - C++, C, LISP, Basic, etc...
  1. damage system
  2. angular momentum -- CDS: now works for dynamic-dynamic collisions. Looking for model for dynamic-static collisions...
  3. fix time steps in simulation so they are longer or shorter based on speed of simulants
  4. more games (capture the flag, get to position x, push object, etc.)
  5. shaft encoder detector + modifications to drive train/wheels, signal transmissions, motion detection
  6. handle collision between two rectangles
  7. fix noise -- variability?
  8. 3D terrain capability
Web Interface
  1. run multiple simulations in a row

Related Links:
Any ideas or suggestions please feel free to let me know...

RoboWorld Feedback, or

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