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Effectiveness of Seaside Web components

Effectiveness of Seaside Web Components

By Geoff Zimmerman

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This project will investigate the effectiveness and reusability of server-side web components. These components are designed in such a manner as to that allow them to be used in many different applications. These components can then be inserted into pages generated by a web server that supports this style of components. Many different frameworks exist that support this component model. Each of these frameworks includes several generic use components that are designed to be inserted into applications.

To evaluate the usefulness of web components, I will be writing a web-based schedule and payroll management system using Squeak Smalltalk and the Seaside web framework. Due to the large number and types of component frameworks, I will be working exclusively with the components included with the Seaside framework. While using these components, any shortcomings that I find will be thoroughly documented. Shortcomings can include many things, including, but not limited to, a malfunctioning feature, an expected feature that is missing, and the inability to customize the components visual components.

Full Proposal

Presentation (.pdf)

Presentation (.ppt)

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