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Tim Matyas: An Autonomous Room-Navigating Robot

Welcome to my Senior Robotics Capstone Wiki

The goal of this project was to construct an autonomous robot with inexpensive sensors that could successfully navigate a single floor mock house. The mock house contained rooms and hallways and walls were parallel to the outer walls. This work was distinguished from past work by the robot only knowing the scale and geometry of the layout prior to the start of the traversal. The robot was entered into the Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot contest as a performance evaluation. In this contest, the robot must search a predefined single floor mock house for a lit candle in a random corner of a random room and extinguish it. The scale of my robot and mock house coincided with the rules of the competition. This work has direct real life significance; the use of robots to fight fires that would traditionally be too hazardous for fire-fighters to extinguish.


YYZ - Autonomous room-navigating robot designed, constructed, and programmed by Tim Matyas

Project Files:


Project Results:

YYZ is robustly able to search the entire mock-house and locate and extinguish the candle in any corner of any room. This was shown through numerous lab trials and the practice trials at the Trinity contest. During the trial runs at the contest, a carpet placed in the second room unfortunately posed problems for the line detector. In Trial 1, the carpet caused the sensor to trigger prematurely, making YYZ think he was outside of the room when he was still inside, and in Trial 2, the line detector physically got snagged on the carpet, causing rotation timing issues. Since the focus of my work was not the miscellaneous items placed in the mock house, I do not hold the contest results as a true performance evaluation of YYZ's capabilities.

Future work:

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