David Shaffer: Smalltalk

I'm generally interested in anything Smalltalk but I have been actively developing a few Smalltalk and Seaside related tools.

To find out more about Smalltalk and Smalltalk dialects look at my Smalltalk Links page.

Presentations and publications

I contributed to the Seaside book (well, it was based on my Seaside tutorials at some point but has taken its own direction since then).

I have presented Seaside tutorials and talks on SeasideTesting at various conferences (to be filled in here soon).

Student projects

Adam Weber (2003) developed an X11-windows server for the Squeak platform. He made remarkable progress, implementing an X11 proxy (for sniffing X11 traffic) and a substantial portion of the X11 network protocol. He didn't have time to implement the X11 graphics primitives but that and a few remaining protocol details would make a great student capstone project!

My Projects

Here are some ports and projects which I have created or which I maintain

Item Dialect Description License Download
SeasideTesting VisualWorks An extension to SUnit to make it convenient to write units tests for Seaside components. TBD project home page
GOODS client VisualWorks and Squeak Smalltalk client support for the GOODS object-oriented database. Originally written by Avi Bryant, maintained by myself and a few others. TBD project wiki page with some documentation
project page on squeaksource
Keymapping Squeak A key map manager for Squeak BSD project home page
Taskbar Squeak A taskbar for morphic desktops MITproject home page
WebMVC VisualWorks A struts-like framework for the VisualWorks WebToolkit MITproject home page
HtmlParser (port) VisualWorks Port of the Squeak HtmlParser framework to VisualWorks
Works in VW7 and VW5i.4
Squeak-L HtmlParser.tar.gz
Comanche (port) ST/X Port fo the Squeak Comanche web server framework to ST/X Unknown